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Review: Vivo Per Lei Anti Wrinkle Lifting Gel– it awoke the dead!

Well, maybe not exactly, but it got the attention of my otherwise oblivious husband!

I lost a huge amount of weight, and had Walter Matthau-style bags and furrows from the stretched skin– to such a great extent that at 41, I had to have a lower face lift. It did firm things considerably, but did nothing for the small lines and furrows around my eyes and mouth.

I ordered the Vivi Anti-Wrinkle Lifting gel, but expected little in the way of results. I had tried several other anti-wrinkle creams and gels, but all were heavy and oily, and made me break out, with little result. 

I was literally stunned when just one week after starting using Vivo Gel at bedtime, my husband said, “Hey– your face is looking really nice. Your skin’s kinda glow-y!”  This from a guy who normally wouldn’t notice unless my hair was on fire!

My skin is notably firmer, but still petal soft, and not greasy: no breakouts, and none of the heaviness other moisturizers leave behind.  Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

GRATiAE Ultrox Expression Marks Anti-Wrinkle Cream 1.7 oz.

Review: Vivo Per Lei Salt Scrub – Eden

This review has been moved to Dead Sea Premier Aromatic Mineral Body Treatment Salt Scrub Lemon

Review: Vivo Per Lei Collagen & Seaweed Mask

The drying summer heat is starting to drift away, and leading us into the crisp and windy autumn chill. Sooner than we know, it will be the cold burn of winter.

There are skin drying elements in every season (except maybe spring… but it is a long way off, still.) Because of this, I’m continuing my search for the products that will aid in moisturizing and repair of my poor dry skin, without buying into the zit instigation of my oily zones. It’s tough.

Vivo Per Lei Seaweed and Collagen Mask Review

Basics: A delightful mask, blending collagen and seaweed to moisturize and sooth your skin. Pretty much a staple for the at home facial.

Extravagance: Girls, the presentation on this stuff is amazing. When I got my mask, the first thing I noticed was the very elegant box  – an opalescent white with silver printing. I flipped open the lid (with the magnetic closure!!!) to find what looked to be a green pearl nestled into a white silky pillow. Really made me feel high end!

Imperfections: It is a little bit perfume. Not a bad smell at all, just a tad too much pretty for my taste.

To Sum it Up: Okay, so I’ve used this twice for my at home facial, and I really like it. I mean, it is going to be a finish up the jar kind of product for me (not likely to end up in the land of unused cosmetics that I call my bathroom closet.) No breakouts. No irritation. And, as an added plus, I noticed some definite plumping of my skin. Yay!

Dead Sea Premier Collagen, Beta-Carotene & Seaweed Mask

Review: Vivo Per Lei Shea Body Butter “Devotion”

Yippee! There’s a new line of products on DeadSeaMarket.com, and the first one I tried was pretty much perfect!!

This morning, I slipped into the delightful world of Vivo Per Lei with the Shea Body Butter scent called Devotion. Well, I’m now a devotee.

I got the lotion a few days ago, and just kept opening the jar and sniffing it happily. I kept shoving it under my husbands nose, asking him if he thought it was as pretty as I did. I even brought it out to my neighbor and made her smell it. We all agreed it was lovely. Though, being paranoid after my recent disappointments, I held off using it. By golly, what if it smells wonky on me?

So, today I bit the bullet and used it. Initially I was just going to apply to my sad dry legs… then I put it on my arms, then I slathered it everywhere lotion is appropriate. I would have used more, but I ran out of space!

Vivo Per Lei Devotion Body Butter

Vivo Per Lei Devotion Body Butter

Basics: Dead Sea Minerals and Shea Butter… and some other stuff I frankly can’t pronounce, and wouldn’t try.

Extravagance: The scent. The scent. The gorgeous scent… kind of floral (think sweet pea), kind of soft and powdery (think a baby’s talc), and really feminine. Plus, I wore it under my daily fragrance (Violette), to great success.

Ooh! And it’s good for 2 years after opening. (thanks for the expiration date, Vivo Per Lei)

Imperfections: Oh, how I hate to over-sell this, but I cannot… will not name one.

To Sum It Up: My husband had great grace all day as I kept sticking my arms in his face and telling him to smell… “Honey, can you believe it? I smell good still… in this heat?” Yeah, the man has the patience of a saint. All-in-all, I’d say check out the Vivo Per Lei stuff. It’s dreamy.

Vivo Per Lei Shea Body Butter “Devotion”

Vivo Per Lei Shea Body Butter