Review: Vivo Per Lei Shea Body Butter “Devotion”

Yippee! There’s a new line of products on, and the first one I tried was pretty much perfect!!

This morning, I slipped into the delightful world of Vivo Per Lei with the Shea Body Butter scent called Devotion. Well, I’m now a devotee.

I got the lotion a few days ago, and just kept opening the jar and sniffing it happily. I kept shoving it under my husbands nose, asking him if he thought it was as pretty as I did. I even brought it out to my neighbor and made her smell it. We all agreed it was lovely. Though, being paranoid after my recent disappointments, I held off using it. By golly, what if it smells wonky on me?

So, today I bit the bullet and used it. Initially I was just going to apply to my sad dry legs… then I put it on my arms, then I slathered it everywhere lotion is appropriate. I would have used more, but I ran out of space!

Vivo Per Lei Devotion Body Butter

Vivo Per Lei Devotion Body Butter

Basics: Dead Sea Minerals and Shea Butter… and some other stuff I frankly can’t pronounce, and wouldn’t try.

Extravagance: The scent. The scent. The gorgeous scent… kind of floral (think sweet pea), kind of soft and powdery (think a baby’s talc), and really feminine. Plus, I wore it under my daily fragrance (Violette), to great success.

Ooh! And it’s good for 2 years after opening. (thanks for the expiration date, Vivo Per Lei)

Imperfections: Oh, how I hate to over-sell this, but I cannot… will not name one.

To Sum It Up: My husband had great grace all day as I kept sticking my arms in his face and telling him to smell… “Honey, can you believe it? I smell good still… in this heat?” Yeah, the man has the patience of a saint. All-in-all, I’d say check out the Vivo Per Lei stuff. It’s dreamy.

Vivo Per Lei Shea Body Butter “Devotion”

Vivo Per Lei Shea Body Butter

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