Review: Dead Sea Premier Milk & Honey Body Butter

This body butter is awesome! The scent is very clean, light and fresh and not at all overpowering. Which is nice for me being pregnant and using it as a stretch mark cream on my belly. I could not handle an overly smelly butter! I think it tends to lean towards more of a feminine scent and probably wouldn’t do too well for a man.

It absorbs quickly and I really love the silky texture. After I apply it, I am left with soft and smooth skin, not sticky like some other lotions. I’ve been using it on my legs after shaving and I’ve noticed that they are staying hydrated and I wake up the next day with them soft and smooth. I love the deep blue glass jar as it looks so pretty sitting on my bathroom counter top!

Dead Sea Premier Aromatic Body Butter – Milk and Honey

Review: Adovia Purifying Mud Mask

This is by far the best face mask I’ve used! It’s such a multifaceted product, what’s not to love? I put it on in the morning before I jump into the shower (since it’s such a dark mud mask, this makes it much easier to rinse off). It tingles a little bit which had me concerned at first. I don’t have sensitive skin per se, but wondered what that feeling was. I checked the ingredient list and found that it contains papaya extract-which is a natural exfoliant. I consider myself an ingredient junkie and love to know what’s in the products I am using. There is nothing in the mask that I wouldn’t want to put on my face. It feels a bit luxurious to slather mud on your face which is from the Dead Sea.

I love that it is more than just a typical mud face mask; it removes the dead skin cells without stripping my skin and leaving it dry, clears up my little acne bumps and makes my skin glow. My makeup definitely goes on smoother after this mask and my skin has a certain glow to it, almost as good as getting a professional facial. Very impressed!

Sea of Spa Bio Purifying Mineral Mud Mask

Review: Swiss Beauty Sensation Spa Eye Creme

I’ve been using this in tandem with the Vivo Lifting Gel, and this stuff’s great as well.

The wrinkles and furrows around my eyes were so bad that I actually had them surgically corrected so I could see– but after two blepharoplasties and a Fraxel laser repair, my skin was scarred, thin, and I often had dark circles and a shadowy appearance under my eyes.

The Sensation Spa Creme is a real salve for sore eyes! It goes on light and cool, and soothes my skin. It’s light, unlike most lotion type moisturizers, and absorbs completely into the skin, so I can wear it under foundation, which is an added plus. I have noticed the thin, crepe-y skin under my eyes has a firmer and more youthful appearance after only a couple weeks of use, and that a little dab really does go a long way.

Thank you so much for creating a creme that can go the distance, where once even cosmetic surgery left me in its wake! I look better rested, more youthful, and my skin feels dewy soft and smooth, as it did when I was younger. Terrific!

Dead Sea Premier Biox Intensive Age Treatment Eye Cream Gel

Review: Vivo Per Lei Anti Wrinkle Lifting Gel– it awoke the dead!

Well, maybe not exactly, but it got the attention of my otherwise oblivious husband!

I lost a huge amount of weight, and had Walter Matthau-style bags and furrows from the stretched skin– to such a great extent that at 41, I had to have a lower face lift. It did firm things considerably, but did nothing for the small lines and furrows around my eyes and mouth.

I ordered the Vivi Anti-Wrinkle Lifting gel, but expected little in the way of results. I had tried several other anti-wrinkle creams and gels, but all were heavy and oily, and made me break out, with little result. 

I was literally stunned when just one week after starting using Vivo Gel at bedtime, my husband said, “Hey– your face is looking really nice. Your skin’s kinda glow-y!”  This from a guy who normally wouldn’t notice unless my hair was on fire!

My skin is notably firmer, but still petal soft, and not greasy: no breakouts, and none of the heaviness other moisturizers leave behind.  Thank you so much for this wonderful product!

GRATiAE Ultrox Expression Marks Anti-Wrinkle Cream 1.7 oz.

Review: Swisa Beauty Mineral Night Creme

Okay, I’m going to pick up exactly where I left off last time. My skin is still bumpy and icky… I’m beginning to think that I’m starting my descent into my forties… it’s coming soon!

All joking aside, regardless of how bumpy my skin has been lately… it still feels really soft, and has a pretty even tone. I’ve even had people compliment me recently on how nice my skin is. I’d thank makeup, but I rarely wear it. So, here’s my official thank you – to Swisa Beauty Mineral Night Creme

swisa mineral night creme

Basics: There is no gimmick here – no anti-aging, hyper-firming, elasticity-instigating promises. Just a nice, rich, plain old mineral moisturizer.

Extravagance: For those of you who are habitual users of night cream, you know the generally heavy and kind of oily feeling you get. This is not your traditional cold cream. This absorbs quickly, and does not leave your skin feeling heavy with grease. Don’t let that fool you. It is really moisturizing, and leaves you with a healthy glow (and good skin tone).

Imperfections: I really wish this were unscented, though I will say that this is a minor issue. The scent is really light, especially compared to the cold creams and night lotions we are all used to.

To Sum It Up: I’m sold on this one. And, in case you were thinking you would rather purchase the magic anti-aging, hyper-firming, elasticity-instigating night cream… you should remember that drinking lots of water, and moisturizing morning and night are really the best anti-aging serums out there.

Dead Sea Premier Night Cream Complex

Review: Swisa Beauty Sensation Dead Sea Firming Moisturizer

I cannot even begin to tell you how badly my skin is behaving of late. It’s oily and bumpy and just plan… well, awful!

What you may or may not already know is that when your skin is oily, it is important to use a good moisturizer. It seems somehow counter-intuitive, but as my aesthetician puts it… it’s oily because it doesn’t think it’s getting enough moisture.

Fine, I’ll buy it. For me, the perfect daytime moisturizer is

1. light, but still creamy

2. not irritating to my sensitive skin

3. light on the scent

4. has sunblock of at least 15 spf

Here’s the scoop on this one:

Basics: Light. Creamy. Barely scented. Not at all irritating.

Extravagance: It actually does feel like it kicks up the elasticity a bit… I noticed it upon the first use.

Imperfections: <sigh> It does not have sunblock. I would totally make this my standard, daily use product if only it had sunblock.

To Sum It Up: All is not lost. I actually think this cream is rich enough to be a night time moisturizer for most, and I would recommend it as such!

Sea of Spa Bio Marine Firming Body Cream SPF 20

Review: Adovia Natural Acne Soap

All about Acne Soap: Sea Of Spa Dead Sea Acne Soap

Review: Adovia Shea Body Butter — Vanilla

Wow! Another year gone by, and the promise of a New Year is around the corner. For me, the new year brings both a nostalgia of what’s gone, and a hope for what awaits us all in this new decade.

This is the time of year for celebration and reflection! I hope you have found time for both… and for yourself. So as not to disappoint in your efforts, I’ve tried another Dead Sea product that is sure to help you along in your goal to take time for yourself.

Basics: Body butters… we love them. There are so many varieties and scents… and frankly they are still my #1 recommendation for the scaly winter skin or the fried and dried summer skin.

Extravagance: What is usually so extravagant about the Dead Sea products is the scents. Oh, the delectable fragrances paired with the creamy goodness. This one is vanilla, though it is less food-like and a little bit more cologne-esque. It is lovely. Also, the texture is very unique. It strikes me less as a butter, and more as a mousse. It smooths on as well as the butters we’ve loved in the past, but it has a slightly frothy texture that feels… well… velvety when you apply it.

Imperfections: In and of itself, this is a beautiful body butter. In comparison to my all-time favorite Dead Sea Premier Milk and Honey Aromatic Body Butter… well, that may be an unfair comparison… the Milk and Honey Body Butter is pretty much perfect.

To Sum it Up: Another treat for our dry winter skin, and our olfactory needs! Have a Happy New Year, and remember to pamper yourself in 2010!

Minus 417 Dead Sea Kiwi & Mango Body Kit

Review: Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Salt Mineral Treatment for Hands & Feet – Pineapple Mango

Hello Friends!

It’s been a while since I’ve ventured into the world of cosmetic review… so I figured, what better way to return than with another scrub… Oh, how I love scrubs!

I love scrubs almost as much as I love Thanksgiving (and I hope you had a good one). If your holiday was anything like mine it involved a lot of eating… and cooking… and hand washing… and dishes.

Everyone worries about the impact of the food on a waistline… but how about the impact of the cooking and cleaning on your hands? Seriously, my skin was like sandpaper!

But yes, it is worth it… and it results in one more thing to be thankful for. This scrub. For hands. And Feet. Yay!

Basics: It’s our old friend the scrub, but with some extra minerals to address the dry skin conundrum. Just mix it up to get a good balance of oil & salts, then rub, rub, rub your hands together for a full minute. Rinse, moisturize, and get to remembering your holiday with family, leftovers, and smooth hands that don’t give away how hard you worked for it. And, if you are feeling like a spa day, use it on your feet as well!

Minus 417 Dead Sea Hand Kit 	
Minus 417 Dead Sea Hand Kit

Extravagance: I’m always amazed at how the Swisa Beauty Dead Sea products smell so yummy… almost edible. This Pineapple Mango scent is fresh, clean and fruity, but not too sweet or strong. It doesn’t compete with your favorite daily perfume or lotions. It just smells good.

Imperfections: The scrub works great, and what makes it for feet & hands is the extra minerals. By extra minerals, they meant to say extra oil. I’m okay with that, because it really works, but it does make for a slightly messier experience. I would recommend keeping this one in the shower and using where it can be easily rinsed… off your hands, feet, the jar, surfaces….

Also, it is great for sloughing off dry skin, but don’t expect a callus cure from this scrub.

To Sum It Up: My hands don’t sound like sand paper when I rub them together any more. That’s a plus. I think you’ll really like this product.

Oh, and on a side note, for those of you that get flaky, dry skin around the elbows and knees… I bet this would be awesome!

H&B Dead Sea Hands & Nails Cream Orchid

H&B Dead Sea Hands & Nails Cream Orchid

Review: Vivo Per Lei Salt Scrub – Eden

This review has been moved to Dead Sea Premier Aromatic Mineral Body Treatment Salt Scrub Lemon

Review: Vivo Per Lei Collagen & Seaweed Mask

The drying summer heat is starting to drift away, and leading us into the crisp and windy autumn chill. Sooner than we know, it will be the cold burn of winter.

There are skin drying elements in every season (except maybe spring… but it is a long way off, still.) Because of this, I’m continuing my search for the products that will aid in moisturizing and repair of my poor dry skin, without buying into the zit instigation of my oily zones. It’s tough.

Vivo Per Lei Seaweed and Collagen Mask Review

Basics: A delightful mask, blending collagen and seaweed to moisturize and sooth your skin. Pretty much a staple for the at home facial.

Extravagance: Girls, the presentation on this stuff is amazing. When I got my mask, the first thing I noticed was the very elegant box  – an opalescent white with silver printing. I flipped open the lid (with the magnetic closure!!!) to find what looked to be a green pearl nestled into a white silky pillow. Really made me feel high end!

Imperfections: It is a little bit perfume. Not a bad smell at all, just a tad too much pretty for my taste.

To Sum it Up: Okay, so I’ve used this twice for my at home facial, and I really like it. I mean, it is going to be a finish up the jar kind of product for me (not likely to end up in the land of unused cosmetics that I call my bathroom closet.) No breakouts. No irritation. And, as an added plus, I noticed some definite plumping of my skin. Yay!

Dead Sea Premier Collagen, Beta-Carotene & Seaweed Mask

Review: Vivo Per Lei Shea Body Butter “Devotion”

Yippee! There’s a new line of products on, and the first one I tried was pretty much perfect!!

This morning, I slipped into the delightful world of Vivo Per Lei with the Shea Body Butter scent called Devotion. Well, I’m now a devotee.

I got the lotion a few days ago, and just kept opening the jar and sniffing it happily. I kept shoving it under my husbands nose, asking him if he thought it was as pretty as I did. I even brought it out to my neighbor and made her smell it. We all agreed it was lovely. Though, being paranoid after my recent disappointments, I held off using it. By golly, what if it smells wonky on me?

So, today I bit the bullet and used it. Initially I was just going to apply to my sad dry legs… then I put it on my arms, then I slathered it everywhere lotion is appropriate. I would have used more, but I ran out of space!

Vivo Per Lei Devotion Body Butter

Vivo Per Lei Devotion Body Butter

Basics: Dead Sea Minerals and Shea Butter… and some other stuff I frankly can’t pronounce, and wouldn’t try.

Extravagance: The scent. The scent. The gorgeous scent… kind of floral (think sweet pea), kind of soft and powdery (think a baby’s talc), and really feminine. Plus, I wore it under my daily fragrance (Violette), to great success.

Ooh! And it’s good for 2 years after opening. (thanks for the expiration date, Vivo Per Lei)

Imperfections: Oh, how I hate to over-sell this, but I cannot… will not name one.

To Sum It Up: My husband had great grace all day as I kept sticking my arms in his face and telling him to smell… “Honey, can you believe it? I smell good still… in this heat?” Yeah, the man has the patience of a saint. All-in-all, I’d say check out the Vivo Per Lei stuff. It’s dreamy.

Vivo Per Lei Shea Body Butter “Devotion”

Vivo Per Lei Shea Body Butter

Review: Swisa Beauty Purifying Mud Mask

For us, weekends are about being a family. So, Mister C & I decided to review the Swisa Beauty Purifying Mud Mask together.

We spent the weekend working in our garden, chasing our dog, playing in the yard (yeah, we’re a couple of kids), and generally sweating it out in the hot August sun.

Yup, by the end of the day today, we had the “high gloss” shine. (not to mention, the blotchy skin, heat bumps, and a generous coating of general ickiness.)

swisa-mud-maskBasics: A deep-cleaning mud mask that promises removal of impurities, and moisturizing & softening of the skin. We’re interested… keep talking.

Extravagance: It has vitamin E. Okay, cleansing and repairing. We’re game!

Imperfections: Okay, so “mud mask” may be a little bit generous. Try clay mask. This stuff was so firm, it crumbled more than smoothed on. So, we wet our fingers and voila… it spread on perfectly.

Also, it does have a medicinal scent. It reminded us both of Noxema, though I think Noxema wins in the “what smells stronger” category.

To Sum it Up: After our quick fix application, we both instantly noticed a very light stinging – not painful, just enough to make you think something was working. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Mister C had just shaved, and it still wasn’t uncomfortable.

We both sat with a sort of army green hue about us, and waited for our faces to harden… about 10 minutes. The mask rinsed off easily (which is a huge plus with a mud mask), and left us both really happy and clean feeling. A lot of the bumps are gone, and the blotches have totally eased up! Neither of us feel icky anymore!

To quote the box this mask came in: “this mask is great for melting the day away.” We agree.

Swisa Beauty Purifying Mud Mask

Swisa Beauty Purifying Mud Mask

Review: Dead Sea Premier Luxury Collection Hand Cream

Alright Fellas, this one is for you! (Ladies, here’s your chance to get your guy to moisturize… and still feel all manly.)

I knew instantly that the smell was not for me (it competed a bit with my perfume), but I also knew that it smelled really nice.

So, here’s what I did:

Dead Sea Premier Hand CreamI brought this hand cream to work, and sat it right next to my hand sanitizer. I encouraged everyone to try it. Most of the women agreed that it smelled nice, and that they could imagine a man using it. The men… well, those that would actually try it, agreed that it was a nice cologne scent. I actually had one guy ask me if it smelled anything like guns or motor oil. When I said no… he wouldn’t use it. sigh.

I did have one woman in the office who always smells so very good ask me if she could have it once I had reviewed. It smelled great on her, and meshed well with her cologne. She prefers stronger scents, and really it is perfect for her as well.

Basics: A lovely hand cream with a more masculine, cologne smell to it.

Extravagance: As with all of the lotions and potions I’ve used by Dead Sea Premier, it is luxurious. Super moisturizing, long lasting, and delightful. The scent is not overpowering, though it does hold on.

Imperfections: None to speak of, really. Scent appreciation is subjective, and while I do very much like this one… I won’t wear it.

To Sum It Up: If you like a cologne scent more so than a perfumey or flowery scent… this is for you. If you have a fella that you can’t get to moisturize… this may be for him.

For now, I’m going to pass this on to my lovely co-worker and enjoy the scent from a distance.

Dead Sea Premier Luxury Collection Hand Cream

Dead Sea Premier Luxury Collection Foot Cream

Review: Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Body Butter – Bliss

Observation #1: Wow, what a pretty blue jar.

Observation #2: WOW! What a pretty baby blue lotion?

Observation #3: Hmmm… smells nice!

Observation #4: Sometimes I hate my body chemistry.

Swisa Body Butter BlissBasics: Another creamy confection from the Dead Sea. Imagine a pale blue, skin softening, mousse.

Extravagance: When you open the jar, you’ll catch hints of floral and citrus. Really delightful. This one is ultra-girlie (sorry, fellas).

Imperfections: Um, this smells not-so-good on me. As I’m sure you have experienced, I have often had the most beautiful smelling perfume turn rancid on me. This was one of those instances.

I did ask my husband to give it a shot, but I think it was just too darned frilly for his masculine sensibilities. I don’t blame him.

Also, it is so very rich that it takes a little more time and effort to rub it in.

To Sum It Up: I’ll be handing this one off to someone else. Boo. The lotion felt nice going on, was a little slicker than I’m used to, but it worked really well.  Arms and legs stayed soft all day without any re-application. I imagine this would be awesome for folks who have a tendency to get dry, scaly or ashy skin.

I was pretty disappointed that it did not smell as pretty on me as it does in the jar.

Let me know how it smells on you.

Observation #5: I wonder if this scent comes in a candle….

Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Body Butter, Bliss

Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Body Butter, Bliss

Review: Dead Sea Premier Concentrated Facial Serum

Dear skin gods,

Please bring me a product that will make my skin feel soft and supple. Let this serum have Vitamin E, and throw in some C for added benefit. Please save my skin from all of the horrible things I do to it every day… like walking outside in the California air. Oh, dearest skin gods, please protect and nurture my skin from the harshness of this world, and leave it with a healthy and youthful glow.



Dead Sea Premier Concentrated Facial SerumBasics: My skin has found its salvation. Several weeks ago I told you about the Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Facial Peel. This is the perfect counterpart… step 2, ‘B’ to its ‘A’… I mean, this is what you should use to follow up your peel. The Dead Sea Premier Facial Serum is a perfect skin restorative post facial peel!

Extravagance: Okay, sometimes I say really silly and corny things. Brace yourself, because I’m going to do it again. When you put this stuff on, it seriously feels like you are rubbing your skin with velvet. I’m not exaggerating. If you don’t believe me, you are just going to have to try it for yourself!

And, if healthy skin isn’t enough of a promise… the packaging says that if you use this twice a day, you’ll have a noticeable lift.

Imperfections: The instructions say that you should use this twice a day – before your moisturizer (after wash and toner… if you use it). I can’t really use this every day, though for those of you with dryer skin, use it. Use it a lot. For those of you with combo or oily skin, it may leave you (as it did me) feeling a little more shiny than you are comfortable with. It’s not like an oil slick, and if you wear makeup every day, it is likely not really an issue at all.

Oh, and it has one of those glass bottles I’m so famous for breaking. My imperfection, not theirs.

To Sum It Up: No nasty breakouts. No funky redness. Just soothing, smoothing and… I can’t think of another rhyming word, so I’ll just say restoring!

Dead Sea Premier Eye Serum

Review: Grayson Natural Care Citrus Mineral Bath Salt

Aging sucks. True story! Two weeks ago today I decided to take a brisk walk during my lunch hour at work. I took off my kicky, office appropriate heels, and put on my terribly unattractive (older than time) walking shoes, and set out for a peaceful walk around the charming and quaint neighborhood tucked away in the middle of corporate America. I got about a block away, and suddenly my back decided to go out. My back went out! Egad!

Aside from being, perhaps, a little acrimonious, I was in shock. Am I really at that point in life where someone asks me how I’m doing and I reply, “Well, my back went out?”

I contemplated calling my boss to come pick me up (whom, by the way, later told me he would have come out with a strap and a dolly… nice.) But, I walked back to the office, hunched over like a lady at least 6 months my senior, and made my way through what felt like the longest day.

Grayson Natural Care Citrus Dead Sea Bath SaltsThat night, I came home to my loving husband, who had 2 aspirin and a bath waiting for me. A bath, I should mention, loaded with Grayson’s Citrus bath salt. The label says it’s an energizing soak… which is a good thing since I was exhausted from all my complaining!

Basics: You just add “several tablespoons” into your bath while the water is running. Wait til the salts dissolve (which was really quick, fyi), and sink into the lovely and soothing (or energizing) aromas of lemon, orange, grapefruit and tangerine. Mmmmmm, good stuff! And it helped!

Extravagance: Did I mention that they added Vitamin E… only the nicest, healingest, skin-softeningist stuffs I’ve ever used!

Imperfections: You know, I always look for the flaws (to give you an honest representation), but really this is what you are looking for when you get a bath salt.

To Sum It Up: I wore heels today for the first time in 2 weeks. I’ve used up all of my bath salts, and I’m thinking I need to give another flavor (I know, you don’t eat it) a go. Try this. Enjoy this.

Oh, and for you folks with skin issues, the ingredients are pretty basic (and I think pretty non-aggravating):

Dead Sea salt; lemon, orange, grapefruit and tangerine essential oil blend; and vitamin E

This product is no longer available.

Click here to see other Dead Sea Bath Salts

Review: Adovia / SeaOra Deep Cleansing Mineral Body Wash

Did you know that Peppermint is considered by many to be the world’s oldest medicine? Further, in the world of essential oils and their benefit in healing, Peppermint Oil is thought to be the first necessity in an herbal first aid kit.

The menthol content makes it perfect for clearing sinuses, treating migraines, and even soothing itching skin. It is also believed that ingesting peppermint leaves or capsules helps with irritable bowel syndrome, and nausea. Further, the scent of peppermint is said to aid in promoting clear thinking, focus, and restoration of mental fatigue. Read that: Stress relief, people!

Adovia SeaOra Mineral Body WashBasics: The label on the bottle promises all this: “deep cleansing effect, revives skin, restores softness, refreshing natural scent, revitalizing and rejuvenating, for bath & shower, amazing rich lather.” The label speaks the truth. This product is everything it promises to be.

Extravagances: Wowee, this stuff smells good! For those of you that have used essential oils before, you may note that the smell of a Peppermint Essential Oil is not the same sweet smell that you experience with popular grocery store toothpastes or gum. It is a much earthier smell – kind of like eucalyptus. There is a medicinal quality to it, for sure, but it is so fresh and clean. Plus the fact that there is oil in it does leave your skin very soft. Soft like you don’t really have to moisturize right out of the shower. Don’t get me wrong, while you do have a slickness about your skin when you use this soap, you will not feel ‘scummy’.

Imperfections: Be warned, this is not the mall shower gel… all dense and thick. It is a thinner product… so it is really easy to use too much. The promise of a rich lather is a promise well kept, and a little bit goes a long, long way. Just don’t over-pour this one.

To Sum it Up: I suppose with the awesome healing effects of the dead sea (Dead Sea Minerals are the 5th ingredient), and the soothing properties of peppermint, this is a winner product for those of us trying to do the “right thing” by our bodies. Imagine getting up in the morning and using this as a pick-me-up rather than that desperate grapple for a cup of coffee. (yeah, I know, I’m not giving up my coffee addiction either. but still, it’s a nice idea!)

This product is no longer manufactured. Click here for other great Adovia / SeaOra products

Review: Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Facial Peel

Nope, that’s not a baby’s bum… it’s my face!!! Soft right?

I continue on my quest, friend, and I believe my shovel has struck a treasure chest with this one. I’m still early in my trials (only used it 6 times, so far), so I’ll have to come back to you with the long-term effects… but for know, the treasure is definitely GOLD!

Swisa Beauty Peeling MaskBasics: It is a simple, 1-step process facial treatment. It comes in a small plass jar (I’ve decided to coin the term “Plass” as the glass-like plastic jar that many cosmetic products come in). The container is quite pretty, and again something you wouldn’t be shamed to have sit on your counter or cosmetics shelf. Inside the jar is a slightly perfumey, cloudy gel that you “gently [massage onto your face & neck in] upward, circular motion until desired exfoliation is achieved.” Rinse, pat dry and enjoy your supple, smooth skin immediately.

Extravagance: It Rocks!

Um… I cannot think of a way to say this that isn’t a little graphic… but after about 30 seconds in my case, I realized that as I was massaging (in an upward, circular motion) these little clumps of dead skin started rolling up under my fingers. I was literally rolling skin off of my face. Eww. I presumed that was the “desired effect” and rinsed my face. My face was a little tiny bit red at first, but evened out in just moments. Okay then, next time I decided to work it a little longer – the net result? Tiny rolls of grotesque looking dirty stuff coming off my face. The shame! I thought I was so clean, so on top of my skin care. After that, baby butt soft skin. This stuff works, and I can’t tell you why. Once I had used a second time, I had a little onslaught of blackheads finding their way out of my skin. A necessary evil, if you ask me.

Imperfections: I was flying a little blind with this one, as the instructions are vague, to say the least. Seriously, the only marker you are given is to massage until “desired exfoliation is achieved.” So, I reckon that falls somewhere between ‘none’ and ‘I’ve just peeled off my face!!’ Here’s the real instructions (according to me):

1. Wash and dry your face

2. Gather up about a dime sized dollop of gel in the palm of your hand

3. Using the fingers on your other hand, start massaging small bits into your cheeks, forehead, chin & neck

4. First use you’ll start noticing dead skin rolling off in about 30 seconds (it’s less dramatic after a couple of uses). The entire massage time – about 2 minutes. I’d suggest testing out your skin with shorter massage duration the first couple times to be sure that you are not over doing it.

5. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

To Sum It Up: I promise you will notice smoother, clearer, cleaner skin after your first use. Use it 2 or 3 times a week to keep a fresh face all the time. Now, I’m holding on to hope that I’ll start seeing the “anti-aging” effects that the packaging offers. Will let you know!

Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Facial Peel

Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Facial Peel

Review: Adovia Mineral Body Lotion Cucumber & Melon

Man, oh man do those dead sea folks know how to do lotions! How do they always get it so right?

Adovia Mineral Body Lotion Cucumber and MelonBasics: A mineral body lotion, with Dead Sea Minerals, Shea Butter and GreenTea.

Extravagance: Hello Cucumber & Melon! When you first apply, you’ll really only smell the melon. It is a much more dominant scent, and frankly I’m not sure what cucumber does for the skin. Then… as the lotion absorbs, you start getting hints of… well, freshness. I think that’s the cucumber.

It has a very long-lasting scent on the skin. It is a little more aromatic than I am prone to wearing, but I have to tell you, this stuff smells lovely! It is not overwhelming, or perfumey… it just loiters throughout the day.

Imperfections: Forgive me, but I cannot name one.

To Sum it Up: If you always buy the mall store cucumber & melon, but then wish it were… well, better… check this stuff out. It is done well! It may be a little bit feminine for some of you fellas (who am I to say), but guys, this one is not: Dead Sea Premier Milk and Honey Body Butter

Adovia Mineral Body Lotion Cucumber & Melon

Adovia Mineral Body Lotion Cucumber & Melon